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Looking to Lose Weight?

Weight Loss Broken Arrow Weight Loss

The ChiroCal Weight-Loss System

A Fresh Start
Are you sick of fad diets? Are you tired of diets that make you give up your favorite food? Are up fed up with diets where you lose 10 pounds only to put 12 pounds back on? Has your weight been creeping up over the years? Are you looking for a permanent solution to weight loss?

Welcome to ChiroCal!

ChiroCal is a doctor supervised weight loss system that lets you eat “regular food” and supports those meals with low-cost, good-tasting meal replacements. That’s not saying that your weight loss will be easy. 68% of all American adults are overweight and 95% of dieters put their weight back on within the first two years – 95%! You need a permanent solution. The ChiroCal weight loss system is one of the best diets for eating right, feeling full, losing weight and keeping it off.

ChiroCal Benefits

  • Doctor Supervised
  • Weekly Weigh-ins
  • Lose 2-3 Pounds a Week
  • Nutritionally Sound
  • No Food is Off Limits
  • No Shots!
  • Great Calorie App
  • Great Meal Replacements

… and BEST OF ALL it is good for life!

You can maintain your weight loss for life using the ChiroCal weight loss system.

How ChiroCal Works

The Basic Principle
Research shows that IT IS NOT THE AMOUNT OF FOOD WE EAT BUT RATHER THE TYPE OF FOOD WE EAT THAT MAKES US GAIN WEIGHT. Fats and carbohydrates are necessary for your body to function but an excess of either makes you gain weight.

IF YOU CAN LIMIT YOUR FATS AND CARBOHYDRATES, YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT! That’s not always easy with today American diet! You need an easy, no thought way of limiting those calories while still getting lots of “good calories.” EAT ENOUGH GOOD CALORIES AND YOU ‘LL FEEL FULL.

Here is How You Will start
First, you will meet with our Medical Assistant. She specializes in weight loss and has experience her experience working exclusively in the medical weight loss field. She will discuss your weight history and listen to your weight loss goals. She will perform an extensive weight loss exam including blood pressure, height, weight, BMI, percent fat, hip to waist ratio, skin caliper measurement, body measurements, posture screening and more.

You, together with your weight-loss coach, will decide on the amount of weight you want to lose and an estimate on how long it will take to reach that goal. She will then design your weight loss plan and have it reviewed by the doctor. After the doctor approves the program, your Medical Assistant will explain the program and the use of the weight loss app.  You’ll also receive easy-to-follow instructions.

Your program may include the following:

  • Initial EKG
  • Non-hormone weight loss supplement
  • Appetite suppressants
  • Meal replacements

Future Weekly Visits
Your weekly visits are optional. You will stop in for a quick visit each week. Your coach will again check your blood pressure and weight. Your coach will also review your past week's progress with you and review any notes you have made about your weight loss. You will also discuss next week’s goals. The visit should take about 15 minutes.

Monthly Visits
Once a month, your visit will also include the re-measuring of your BMI and percent fat, as well as skin caliper measurements and body measurements.

Between Visits
ChiroCal uses an easy-to-use food tracker that becomes your friend.  It encourages you along the way. If you need more help, you can call your coach anytime during business hours for clarification, support and guidance!

Anyone can start a diet. The challenge is sticking with it! The more you learn about your weight and health conditions the more likely you will stay with your plan.

You can lose the weight. You can keep it off. You can do it!


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